Frequently Asked Questions

Support Topics
How do I get in touch with Hula for something not covered here?
Send us an e-mail and we'll write you back as soon as possible. (Usually within 24 hours on weekdays or the next business day after weekends.)

I lost access to my account! Can you help me?
We're sorry, but we can't help recover lost accounts for everyone's privacy and security. You'll need to start a new account to continue using Hula if you no longer have access to your account and you didn't previously back it up to your e-mail address.

Why can't I update my profile picture?
You can update your profile picture once every 24 hours, starting from the last time you updated your profile picture. We can't update your picture for you or speed up this limit. Just wait 24 hours :)

Why can't anyone see what I'm typing in Public Rooms?
Your account has been temporarily restricted for violating one of our Community Guidelines. This is most often due to using profanity or spamming (typing the same thing multiple times, very quickly). Restrictions last between 1-24 hours and your account will return to good standing once that period is over.

Something happened and my rating was affected. Can you help?
To keep the leaderboards pure, we don't manually change ratings. However, if you encounter a bug, please report it to us with a screenshot and our team will look into it!

How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account by tapping on Profile > Gear Icon > Privacy > Delete Account. HEADS UP: This cannot be undone, so think carefully before confirming!
Security & Privacy
Who can see me online?
Only your friends or game opponent can see you online.

How do I block users?
You can tap on any person's profile picture and choose "Block". This will also mute their chat messages.

What is your privacy policy?
We treat privacy very seriously. You can find our Privacy Policy here:
Leaderboards & Ratings
How do my game ratings work?
The game ratings on Hula are based on a 4 digit ELO ratings system (similar to ELO ratings in competitive Chess) Your ratings will increase or decrease in proportion to your opponents' ELO ratings at the end of each game.

How do the Leadeboards work?
Each game's Leaderboard is based on the players's ELO ratings for that particular game. The rankings are automatically every few minutes.
Account & Privacy
Do I need a phone number or email to use Hula?
Nope, although you can add your email when doing an account backup or recovery.

How do I change my Hula ID?
You can change your Hula ID from the Profile tab in the app. You can only change your ID to one that's currently still available, once every 24 hours.

How do I backup or recover my Hula account?
You can backup or recover your Hula account using your email from the Profile tab > Gear Icon menu.
How do I invite my friends to Hula?
If you like our app, you can send your friends an invitation email via the "Invite Friends" function in the Friends section. Or you can let them know via other email/apps/social networks. We'd really appreciate that.

What's that green dot beside my friend's names?
The green dot beside the name is showing that your friend is currently online in the app.

What do the double green checkmarks mean?
A single checkmark means your message has been received by our servers. The second checkmark means the other user has seen your message on their device.
General Topics
Who is the team behind Hula?
We're a team of tech & games veterans who are passionate about connecting users through games. Our founding team created the original Yahoo! Games and built it to become the #1 games portal on the web.

Why create Hula?
We believe games is the perfect social glue and we feel there hasn't been an app that has combined both super well. We also wanted to create a safe haven for anyone who wants to play games on a pure level (without any pay-to-win schemes).

I want to make games on Hula! Can I do that?
Definitely! We'd love to work with you, please drop us a line at